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tv   John F. Kennedy at 100  CSPAN  July 2, 2017 2:42pm-2:55pm EDT

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sensible we bring to history. >> all weekend long american history tv is joining our comcast cable partners to showcase portland, oregon. to learn more about the cities on our two or visit to her. we continue now with a look at the history of portland. >> 2017 he was born 1917. this exhibit is called high hopes, the legacy of john fitzgerald kennedy. we begin the exhibit with his wife. life and knows how his spirit we wanted to get that out of the way first. the cbs soapshow opera that was running that day
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on tv. then it interrupts the soap opera with the image of walter cronkite as he took his glasses off and had to catch his breath. announcing the presidents passing. it is not on his death, we focus on his life. focusest of the exhibit on one of the most important parts of his life. it contains some amazing one of a kind items. letter whereigned he requested a survey of the military and specifically how he wants to serve on a pt vote. this logbook is expected to be the only evidence of this. after it was great quite -- recovered while he was still on
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duty this was the logbook that contain evidence that he did a solo flight. he then stopped the training after his older brother was killed in a plane next lotion. with his to be sure legacy to highlight that this was one of his most important parts of his life. the incident where he became a war hero helped his election to congress. backso left him with a bad that would like him for the rest of his life. hisound some relief from injury by sitting in a rocking chair. therehat was discovered was one everywhere and his world. known that he
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needed this he would give them away to friends. this was given to the former governor of new york that served as the under secretary of state. what of my favorite items in the exhibit actually predates the presidency is this beautiful watercolor painting that he did when he was recovering in palm beach, florida from one of his surgeries. to paint theime kennedy compound. this was sent to a friend of his fate it is a rare item to have a item of the president actually painted. it is a really remarkable item. thatis the thank you note jfk and jackie sent the woman
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who planned their wedding. it was one of the biggest lettings of the year in terms of a social event of the year created he takes one side of the letter saying i hope you will not book us all. then jackie writes a beautiful note where she writes that she feels so guilty. is really a remarkable look at this couple after their marriage. they took time in their honeymoon to write this note. oregon was one of the first is to have a primary back in the 1920's. washe 1960 election oregon still one of the few states to have a primary. most state delegation conventions were controlled by the mayors, oregon had a primary. kennedy and that oregon would be a critical election to get the nomination.
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this convention here highlights his visit to oregon as he prepared to run for president. a couple of letters here were written to a local democratic official. from 1959 when before he announces candidacy, laying the groundwork for a individual campaign. he came up to the convention here in seaside oregon. candidacy, ai kerry here he and that he came here several times he was laying the groundwork in oregon. several times here, after he announces candidacy he announced his favorite son to the candidacy.
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he said if you can beat morrison hisregon he did show national appeal. in oregon,cap here that was a key victory on the road to a nomination. he wanted to run in every primary that he could win. he wanted to show that a catholic and win and a protestant state. he came up here to oregon to show that he could win out west kennedy thought the key to his victory was to win in every region of the country to show as was aolic that ship which huge detriment at the time. what of the exhibits we have was the head of the oregon masonic
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saying that people should oppose him because he is catholic. they should subject that to the pope and the vatican. one of the items from the collection is the front page of , it islas morning news one of if not the last things that he signed. the made in his hotel room as him to sign up. he then went on to the motorcade. the newspaper content a map of the motorcade where it was going to go in dallas. something that would probably not be allowed today given the secret service concerns. show that the
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democratic party was going through a battle at the time between conservatives and liberal. the governor was more on the conservative side. one of the reasons he visited help withto reelection next year grade one of the most unforgettable moments surrounding his assassination occurred two days after a november 24 when the dallas police were transferring the harvey oswald from one jail to another. the tv was covering that transfer life, this is the camera from one of the affiliates at the time. it was in the basement and filmed the transfer -- of course in the transfer was when jack
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ruby burst from the crowd and murdered lee harvey oswald. unlike television. back whentv camera they were about the size of fables wakened. it actually filled that historic incident. family hashe kennedy given us some items here. these two letters here that jackie kennedy wrote to the wife of robert mac america who was the defense secretary at the time. ofs was written in july 1964. she had decided to move to new york city to seek a new life. this is a handwritten reply from jackie where she said she was going to start a new life, she did not have hope for it.
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she knew it would be better for the children. it is a heart rendering line. junior wouldfk become the publisher of a in 1988 arounden he would introduce his uncle at the 1988 democratic convention in atlanta. begins by saying this is a i was first when asked to introduce him i felt very proud. then i discovered that all the rest of the country would not return his phone calls. that is a great opening line. this is one of the times when he came up in the national stage. introducing his uncle teddy.
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of course there is the tragic end his life about one decade later. what we discovered as people have come to this exhibit is that a lot of people have their own story. everybody who is of the right age remembers where they were when president kennedy was assassinated. remembere in here and when he was here campaigning. everybody has some sort of connection relationship with their own story and involvement to the kennedy family. even if they just saw him on tv. i think leaving here people will go away with respect for the remarkable life that he led. he was not perfect. we know that today. the generation of americans that he came from.
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whose family was wealthy. life to publics service as a congressman. then he would go way with a appreciation for what it meant in the early 1960's. there is the peace corps, the movement for civil rights, the america, a time when was closest to nuclear war than it ever has been. a appreciation for the challenges of how we met them, people sometimes go away wondering what if? i would history have been different if he continued to serve as president. oregonians are proud of their pioneer heritage here at the oregon historical society, this is a exhibit that


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